* Client meeting to gain knowledge of the company, specific areas, products and corporate personality.
   * Analysis of need and job definition.                                                                                                       Result:  An understanding of the position's requirements, search timetable and expenses.


   * File search based on market knowledge.
   * Original research and sourcing of knowledgeable executives.                                                                             Result:  The basis is formed for an organized approach to candidate recruitment.

Recruiting and Screening

   * Direct telephone approach to develop candidate interest and to conduct preliminary screening.
  * Further telephone discussion encompassing salary validation, position responsibility, major accomplishments and contributions to bottom line and additional description of client requirements.                                                                 Result:  Feedback gained on attractiveness of position while client confidentiality is maintained.

Candidate Interview

  * Evaluation of potential candidates conducted to determine compatibility with the client.
   * Confirm technical qualifications and accomplishments.  Assess current and future motivation.
   * Position requirements further explained.
   * Selling the opportunity to qualified candidates.                                                                                   Result:  Candidate appropriateness is determined efficiently and confidentially prior to referral.

Client Interview

   * Client/Candidate interviews arranged and scheduled.                                                                             Result:  After interviewing, mutual interest is further established, leading to the hiring decision.

Reference Checks and Compensation Negotiation

* Upon request, we will verify the candidate's education, responsibilities, accomplishments and personal traits. Emphasis is placed on an individual's ability to adjust to the client's environment and potential to advance.
* Actual salary plus bonus and incentive compensation, if appropriate, is negotiated along with relocation requirements and start date.                                                                                                     Result:  The process culminates in a successful hire.


Contact is maintained to ensure that both client and candidate expectations are fulfilled.  Our goal is to develop an in-depth relationship through successful hires.